We apply the same rigor and excellence in delivering on our Corporate Social Responsibility promises as we do in protecting the global financial system.

"With colleagues and offices around the world, we're dedicated to serving all the communities where we live and work. That means giving back through philanthropy, volunteerism and other opportunities where we can make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, neighbors and friends. Our Environmental, Social and Governance program (ESG) provides the framework for us to take a more focused view of how we're contributing to and reporting on efforts to address critical global issues and measuring the impact of the work we do."
— Frank La Salla, President and CEO
Mike Bodson

The Three Pillars of DTCC’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Pillars
70 +
70+ Charities
Funded Anually
$400,000 +
Donated Annually
30% of Employees
Volunteer Each Year

Our Impact



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Living with Passion and Purpose


Our continued partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay and our Fundraising for India’s Second Wave of Covid are two prominent examples of the tremendous generosity of our employees.

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Stepping Up for Florida Students

DTCC is proud to have been working with Step Up for Students since 2019 and in 2021 alone we helped nearly 100 Florida schoolchildren.

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Investing in STEM

Harnessing the talents of our incredible staff as volunteers, mentors and coaches who work with the students, our programs build on their technical interests and develop the groundwork for successful careers.

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Our Partners

Girls Who Code

With "Girls Who Code," Fun is Built Into the Learning

The future of fintech may have its foundation in robots playing hockey.

That's because the moves those robots made were the result of coding done by the students who took part in DTCC's inaugural Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.

The 7-week program brought 20 11th and 12th grade students from area high schools to DTCC Jersey City, where they learned coding languages like Scratch and Python, practiced charting using Big Data and studied web development.

"We're very proud to be working with Girls Who Code," said Mike Bodson, president and CEO, who met with the group for lunch. "Technology is the fastest growing part of our world and increasing diversity throughout our organization is a priority for DTCC. We know that women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, and it's critical that we encourage girls to develop their talents and build careers in technology."

Technology is the fastest growing part of our world and increasing diversity throughout our organization is a priority for DTCC.
— Mike Bodson, DTCC President and CEO

Among the highlights was a two-day workshop with members of DTCC's Application Development team. The girls worked with the DTCC volunteers in teams to learn about coding using small Ozobot robots.

Encouraging Pursuit of STEM

First, they learned the ins and outs of logic, sequence and syntax by drawing simple lines using a visual code editor, helping them understand how color coding can change the robots' movements. Once they had the basics down, they quickly progressed to coding a complete hockey game – an exciting conclusion to their hard work that proved not only that they could learn to code, but that they could have fun doing it.

"This program has changed the way I look at the technology field, because now that I have some insight on what the career has to offer, I'm extremely interested in a technology-related career," one of the girls said. "Before attending the program, I had no background in coding, but now this has encouraged me to strive for better and bigger things."

The students' enthusiasm was infectious.

"Each of our students brought a fresh perspective and energy that made every lesson interesting and working with them has been a joy," said Jessica Spenser, the Girls Who Code lead instructor. "We've been so proud to see them support one another, risk failure, and culminate their seven weeks with us by creating incredibly elaborate and interesting final projects."

"The Summer Immersion Program at DTCC was really great and beneficial to the students because they did not only learn the fundamentals of coding, but they also got to experience what it feels like to be in a corporate environment," said Abigael Ogunnaike, who served as a Teaching Assistant, and will receive her bachelor of science degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in May. "Personally, the program provided me exposure to technology terms and ideas that I would not have been exposed to otherwise."

Changing the Coder Stereotype

The program is part of the broader effort to bring Girls Who Code, an organization that aims to "close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does." According GWC, fewer than one in five computer science graduates are women, and the percentage of women in the field has dropped in the past two decades to just 24 percent, from 37 percent in 1995.

Girls Who Code programs have reached 185,000 girls nationwide since its founding in 2012, 30,000 of whom are now college-age. College students who took part in the organization's programs declared majors in computer science or related fields 15 times more often than the national average.

One big issue that the group tries to address is that while young girls tend to be interested in computer science, participation drops by high school. The Summer Immersion Program, which is free for participants, aims to engage high schoolers during those vulnerable years.


DTCC had identified advancing STEM education as the one of the top five challenges facing the industry, and fintech is just one field that depends on a workforce with a STEM background that faces a shortage of qualified applicants. DTCC's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts support several STEM programs to help ensure there are enough computer scientists, engineers and mathematicians to develop and manage future technologies.

Already a partner with NYU Tandon School of Engineering's #STEMnow initiative, DTCC joined forces with Girls Who Code last year when it hosted a field trip for participants. The company became one of about 50 companies nationwide to host the Immersion Program in July.

"I'm so happy we're investing the time and resources into our partnership with Girls Who Code," said Lynn Bishop, chief development officer and managing director at DTCC. "I knew we had to join this effort, because studies show how important it is to provide access to STEM-based areas as young as possible, and the difference that early exposure can make as girls progress through their high school and college years."

"Not only does it reinforce our long-standing commitment to increasing diversity within the organization, but it's giving us a unique opportunity to help expand access to STEM education and training to make a positive difference in the lives of tomorrow's leaders," said Bishop.

Along with programming bots, a big data hackathon and other tech workshops, the girls took field trips to places like CNBC headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in Manhattan.

During a team lunch, Bodson noted that "programming is the most important part of our business now. Everything is an app. We use them to organize our lives and to entertain us, and we use them in business every day."

The Girls Who Code program and other STEM programs "are developed to help you to know that you can compete at the highest level and achieve your goals. If you are good at it, this is a great future."

Bodson also offered some long-term career advice, encouraging the young women to actively manage their careers from the start. "Don't stagnate, keep busy and take risks," he said. "Don't be afraid of taking a job you may not be totally qualified for. It's the best opportunity to learn. Always ask questions and ask for help. People will help you, and your bosses want you to succeed. They will not put you in jobs where you will fail. You should always continue to push and push and ask for opportunity."

While the field trips and other activities were popular, getting the chance to practice coding was the best part for one of the girls. "I find having more skills under your belt betters your contribution to society and increases much needed knowledge," she said. "I want to say, ‘Thank you' to all who have put a lot into making sure we're happy and cared for."

Preparing for Career

Another important aspect of the program was the college and work preparation, including a speed networking session with DTCC women and a mentoring program for the girls. These aspects of the program can help reinforce the interest in STEM for girls who lack role models who will encourage them to pursue careers in tech and science. "There's been so much enthusiasm across the firm from our technology team to provide career exposure and mentorship for these girls," Bishop said.

Hena Venugopal, DTCC Domain Functional Director, hosted an early career panel, where shared her career highlights with the students in hopes that it would inspire them to continue the journey to learn to code. She also advised the girls that "only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly," which is a phrase that personally helped her be more resilient and positive in difficult situations.

"No one becomes successful alone; somewhere along the path to success, others were there to provide encouragement, guidance, and wisdom," said Erika Jackson, DTCC Associate Director, Talent Acquisition, who spoke to the girls about what employers look for when hiring for an entry level position. "Participating in these types of events is our opportunity to return the favor."

While hosting the ice cream social and speed networking with the girls, Martha Mills, DTCC Associate Director, Risk Management, took note of how candid and insightful the students were, and how eager they were to get guidance on their technology journeys.

The program culminated in a graduation ceremony on August 22 at DTCC Jersey City.

Looking Ahead to 2020

DTCC plans to continue to support Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in 2020 and is exploring the opportunity to host girls in Tampa and Dallas. The company will also keep in contact with the girls who took part this year for future internship and employment opportunities.

"It was inspiring to see these talented girls open up to our outstanding female tech leaders, share their ideas and experiences, and gain valuable insights," Mills said. "I hope they will carry this experience with them long after the program has ended."

Employees undergoing continuing education

Training Tomorrow's Talent

DTCC works with several organizations to help build a strong pipeline of talent that's ready to take on the complexities of the modern workplace. One of these partners is PENCIL, a leader in aligning schools, eager students and career professionals for mentoring and internships. More than 20 Jersey City employees, including Jeanine D., volunteer with PENCIL to work with students at the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies to explore career paths, build financial literacy, support college readiness and prepare them for internships with the firm.

It's so fulfilling when you break through and help them recognize that they have a lot to offer in the workplace.

"It's been rewarding to volunteer for PENCIL. I'm able to share my professional experiences with high school students and explain the numerous twists and turns of my own career. We talk about the various factors that may influence their career choice and that some of those factors may change during the course of their professional life, so they shouldn't worry too much that a particular college or course will box them into a certain field or industry for their entire career.


"At our monthly sessions with students, we cover topics like personal branding, resumé building and interviewing so they can begin preparing for life after school. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience to show students how what they are learning through the PENCIL program relates to their future by providing real-world exposure.

"I remember a conversation with a student who wants to be an accountant. She was excited to get an internship at a major accounting firm, but disappointed that she wouldn't be doing accounting work. I explained to her that this was a wonderful opportunity to get her foot in the door and to work hands-on in a professional environment, and gain connections with professionals in her field of interest.

"These young men and women have so much potential. It's so fulfilling when you break through and help them recognize that they have a lot to offer in the workplace."

Employees volunteering in the community

Growing Stronger Communities

For many patients with terminal illnesses – as well as their families, Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham, UK provides vital medical services and crucial emotional support. Christine L. of DTCC Wrexham is one of several DTCC employees who volunteers at Nightingale House as a way to support the local community.

"In our Wrexham office, employees annually choose three charities they would like to support. Our ability to select a cause that is near and dear to our hearts is important because we’re passionate about neighbors helping neighbors.

There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work.

"We consistently selected Nightingale House Hospice because the work is so meaningful and relatable to our own personal lives and families. Some of our employees have had close relatives who have spent time at Nightingale and they often talk about the high-quality support they and their families have received from the caring staff.

"We do many things to make a difference at Nightingale House and this provides our employees with the opportunity to give back and allow other families to see their loved ones pass away peacefully. During 2018, for instance, we sponsored the annual Nightingale House Color Run, and we also supported two UK-based employees in fundraising activities such as bake sales, pub quizzes, pool tournaments and raffles so they could take part in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to trek The Great Wall of China in support of Nightingale House.

Nursing home

"I love that I get to join with my colleagues to support such a wonderful organization like Nightingale House Hospice as part of my job at DTCC. There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work."

I love that I get to join with my colleagues to support such a wonderful organization like Nightingale House Hospice as part of my job at DTCC. There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work.

Nightingale House Hospice provides free palliative care services to local patients and their families, along with bereavement support for children and young people.

Employees volunteering to help the environment

Minimizing our Footprint

As a financial technology company, it’s only natural for us to embrace innovation. That includes ways we can become more energy efficient and reduce our environmental impact. Our Workplace Design and Services team has created programs focused on making our operations more sustainable and is committed to identifying ways to use fewer resources like energy, water or paper to minimize our environmental impact and reduce our operating costs.

Our Workplace Design and Services team has created programs focused on making our operations more energy efficient.

In 2018, we continued to research and implement leading technologies and practices, including replacing and upgrading end-of-life equipment, transitioning to LED lighting, and conducting a monthly analysis on our power usage to identify and address better ways for conserving energy. We also pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification – a widely used green building rating system – or the local equivalent at all our global offices, ensuring we use leading sustainability-focused products and processes in our global facilities.

In addition to our internal workplace programs, we also support environmental sustainability and conservation through various initiatives globally.

DTCC's 2018 electricity usage
Feeding Tampa Bay

Making an Impact Through Giving

In 2021, our employees continued to support local communities as the pandemic continued its impact. While there are many examples across our footprint, our continued partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay (FTB) and our Fundraising for India’s Second Wave of Covid are two prominent examples of the tremendous generosity of our employees.

Feeding Tampa Bay

Feeding Tampa Bay

Our employees in Tampa have given their dollars and volunteer time to support Feeding Tampa Bay (FTB) since 2018. In 2020, with a spike in demand for food our employees ramped up volunteering and donations. They participated in the Mega Pantry food distribution events as well as many other smaller warehouse food sorting and mobile pantry events. Our employees collectively contributed over 1332 volunteer hours and over $64,000 in employee and corporate donations in 2021.

In addition, DTCC is supporting FTB’s vision of a hunger-free Tampa Bay by 2025 - providing food for today, food for tomorrow and food for a lifetime. DTCC’s company support comes in the form of annual partnership and a contribution to the capital campaign which will enable FTB to build a facility that can meet the entirety of demand for food in the surrounding 10-county region.

India’s 2nd Wave of Covid

A second wave in India created extraordinary and dire challenges as health care facilities battled shortages of oxygen, ventilators, vaccines, and personal protective equipment. It became clear quickly the situation was critical, and we actively moved to support relief efforts for our colleagues, their families, and the broader community.

DTCC has a longstanding presence in Chennai —with staff and consulting partners in various departments. For our employees and the community, we worked closely with the leadership team in India to provide critical information and logistical support to ensure that all remained safe. Additionally, our ARISE Employee Resource Group* established a disaster relief fund and encouraged donations to Sewa International, a humanitarian organization providing relief by shipping oxygen concentrators and other emergency medical devices and supplies to India. All donations were matched 100% by DTCC.

In total we raised over $120,000 in employee and company donations, resulting in the single highest fundraising by our employees in 2021.

“I am incredibly proud of how our organization came together – and continues to – as we navigate challenges in our communities around the globe.” Lynn Bishop, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer

*ARISE: Asian Representation in Innovation, Success and Excellence Employee Resource Group

Stepping Up for Florida Students

Stepping Up for Florida Students

DTCC is proud to have been working with Step Up for Students since 2019. In 2021 alone we contributed over $711,000, helping nearly 100 Florida schoolchildren attend a K-12 school that best fits their learning needs.

“Supporting our communities has always been part of our DNA at DTCC and we were excited to have found this unique avenue to contribute. When DTCC first learned about the Step Up for Students Program in 2018, our finance and tax teams agreed that it would be a good way to invest in education while receiving a tax credit.”

- Ellis Levy, DTCC Jersey City

Determined to succeed in school and seeking to create a different path for herself than her mother and brother, who both dropped out of school, Zoe benefited from DTCC’s contribution. Zoe “always felt education was No. 1 over everything,” and through the Step Up For Students Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship, she was able to attend Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA and went on to attend Louisiana State University (LSU) to study sports medicine.

This is exactly what Zoe’s mom, Pamala, wanted for her daughter, adding, “I’m so thankful and so grateful. She would not be where she is today if she did not receive the Step Up Scholarship and go to that school.”

Just like Zoe, more than 100,000 schoolchildren throughout Florida have benefitted from the scholarship they received during the 2020-21 school year.

“At DTCC, it is our mission to drive positive change” said Susan Cosgrove, CFO at DTCC. “We believe Step Up for Students is doing just that and we are proud to support their efforts in helping students throughout Florida access the education they deserve.”

Since partnering with Step Up for Students, DTCC has generously funded 239 Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarships through contributions totaling $1.6 million. The income-based scholarship program is funded by tax-credited donations from corporations and allows parents and students to choose between a scholarship to support private school tuition and fees, or one that assists with transportation costs to out-of-district public schools.

“DTCC is committed to investing in their community and this donation is proof of just that,” said Doug Tuthill, Step Up for Students president. “With the support of companies like DTCC, we are able to continue to provide educational options for deserving students in Florida.”

Since 2002, Step Up has awarded more than 1 million Florida Tax Credit Scholarships. More than 1,800 private schools participate in the program.

“We remain deeply committed to making a difference in communities where we live and work, and we’ve seen, firsthand, the life-changing benefits of the Step Up for Students program, in Tampa – where we are based – and across the state of Florida. We look forward to our continued partnership with this important organization,” stated Marie Chinnici-Everitt, CMO and Head of DTCC Tampa.

Advancing STEM

Investing in STEM

Advancing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and training remained a DTCC priority in 2021.

We successfully hosted multiple programs for a diverse set of US students and young women in Chennai, India, that provided an array of technical challenges and introduced important workplace concepts.

Harnessing the talents of our incredible staff as volunteers, mentors and coaches who worked with the students virtually because of the pandemic, these programs together combined the goals of helping the students build on their technical interests and to develop the groundwork for successful careers while establishing a pipeline of talent to support DTCC’s future.

Girls Who Code

The largest of our STEM programs is the Girls Who Code (GWC) Summer Immersion Program, an intensive course that included 100 girls from 18 different states and drew more than twice that number of volunteers from DTCC’s global staff to participate, including several senior management.

Our students joined 5,000 other high schoolers to become part of the largest graduating class in the history of Girls Who Code, an international nonprofit organization founded in 2012 to help close the gender gap in technology, with an emphasis on historically underrepresented communities.

The Summer Immersion Program provides the girls the opportunity to create websites that support the causes they are passionate about and a chance to explore the real-world application of Computer Science. In addition to their core program, DTCC designed and hosted two unique experiences: “Mock Market Mania” a stock market simulation game and “AWS DeepRacer,” a programming challenge that teaches how a model trained in a simulated environment can be applied to AI and/or machine learning based products.

DTCC’s volunteers also hosted a Mentoring Circle, a Career Fair and “Info Tech Feud,” a simulated game show designed to both deepen participants’ knowledge of the career paths available to them in STEM.

Our volunteers and students praised the program for its positive energy and creativity. “The best compliment we received from one student was that everyone from DTCC is passionate about what they do and DTCC is a place she would like to work,” said Miechelle Krueger, GWC Lead.

Young Women in Coding and Development

Young Women in Coding and Development

For the third consecutive year, DTCC hosted this program in Chennai, graduating 21 women who are interested in STEM careers.

The key to this 12-week intensive program, presented in partnership with the Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, is that it offers two equally important tracks to help the women with their career development. They learn how coding and development translates into delivering innovative and resilient solutions for clients and the financial markets. We also introduced concepts that would differentiate them when they enter the corporate world, including the software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC), Waterfall and Agile methodologies, technology risk management, the importance of code quality and testing and more.

Young Women in Coding and Development

The women also participated in group mentoring, speed networking, interpersonal and life skills workshops with multiple DTCC executives. Meeting DTCC women in leadership positions who served as role models for what’s possible, was an empowering experience for the students.

“The experience at DTCC will definitely be a milestone in all of our lives,” one of the participants said. “I wouldn’t say that we were not confident, but we were under confident. We needed that push to go out there and see what we’re capable of and what we can do.”


DTCC continued its seven-year partnership with PENCIL, a New York City based non-profit that connects students from low-income communities to the business community. With the overarching goal of fighting against systemic racial injustice, the program provides resources and opportunities to network with professionals and build powerful relationships that can provide a foundation for their success.

During the summer, DTCC sponsored two college interns and one high school student from PENCIL’s Internship Program. We assigned them to our New Initiatives Office, Finance, and Business Transformation Office. The program also featured virtual training workshops, career panels, and one-on-one interview practice with corporate volunteers. “The mission of PENCIL is closely aligned to our commitment to increasing representation of people from all backgrounds and creating an inclusive culture, at DTCC. Specifically, PENCIL’s focus on black and brown students is critical to mitigate the disproportionate impact of the pandemic,” said DTCC CFO Susan Cosgrove, who serves as Vice Chair of PENCIL’s Board of Directors. “This is the reason why we are so proud to continue our partnership and happy to welcome PENCIL summer interns virtually.”

Seiji K.


After two years with the company, Seiji K., Relationship Manager at DTCC Tokyo, accepted the responsibility to be the site’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambassador. Seiji welcomed this new role and the opportunity to try something new and make a difference. Fast forward five years later, his CSR involvement has allowed him to make a positive impact on his community, the industry and his team. Seiji shared how being a CSR ambassador for the Tokyo office has helped him appreciate and participate in volunteerism, and how the role was instrumental to discovering a hidden passion.

Q: Why is community involvement important to you?

Seiji: Participating in activities where I can give back to the community is something I deeply value. I especially like doing volunteer work that involves children – such as teaching them computer and language skills that will help them in their studies and in their future careers.

By being involved in various CSR activities at DTCC, we have helped our team embody the values that are important to the company. As a global firm, we deeply care about the communities where we operate and CSR opportunities enable us to give back. It also provides the local team with a chance to further strengthen the unity among colleagues.

Seiji K. teaching students

Q: How does being involved in the community benefit DTCC’s clients?

Seiji: Because of our CSR activities, we have the opportunity to meet and work with CSR ambassadors from other financial firms. This also affords the opportunity for us to tell them more about our business. For example, DTCC’s Tokyo office has been participating in financial industry-established marathons since 2015. It’s always good to partner with like-minded firms that prioritize making positive contributions to the community. Through our various CSR activities, we are able to strengthen valuable relationships with our clients because of the special bond we have in participating and organizing such events.

Q: Is there a certain charitable organization that you’ve worked with that you find most fulfilling?

Seiji: We work with an organization that provides free education for children in junior and senior high school who come from low-income or single-parent families. The organization offers free English language lessons to children, something that I believe is important in this interconnected world. I’ve been a part of that program for two and a half years, and this is outside of the CSR ambassador responsibility that I have for DTCC.

Last summer, I organized a student visit to our Tokyo office to educate them about all that we do and provide coaching with their English language skills. The event was such a success that we’ll plan another visit in a few months.

Seiji K. teaching students

Q: How has community involvement helped you in your personal and professional growth?

Seiji: As a CSR ambassador, I have been able to gain skills in planning, communicating and organizing CSR events and activities for our Tokyo office.

At the same time, the role has made a significant impact on my life in ways that I never considered just five years ago. Volunteering has helped me become a better and more confident leader, while making a difference within our community. I’m grateful for this opportunity the company has trusted me with. It has helped me acquire new skills and discover my passion for giving back.


Empowering the Youth of Today Through Community Involvement

James A. La Russo, GOCS Securities Processing Lead Specialist and CSR Ambassador, DTCC Jersey City, started his CSR journey three decades ago. He was identified by Jill Considine, former CEO of DTCC, as one of the 16 employee members in the first Diversity Council within DTCC, which eventually led to the formation of DTCC's Business Professional Networks (BPNs). At that time, he was already involved with United Way, and now has been a United Way Captain for more than 30 years.

Moving forward to 2019, La Russo is the only original member of the Diversity Council still with DTCC. Apart from United Way, he also formed strong relationships with the Hudson Pride Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County, the Hudson Shelter, the Imperial Court of New York and God's Love We Deliver. He has also hosted annual events at DTCC such as the DTCC Breast Cancer Awareness event and the Pancreatic Cancer event which raised lots of funds over the years. To date, La Russo has helped raise and matched funds in DTCC over the years with Annual Pride kick -off fundraisers and Celebration for the Youth Prom and Scholarship Fund of Hudson Pride Center amounting to more than $50,000.

In this article, La Russo talks about his CSR journey at DTCC.

Tell us about your CSR story?

I've been the Treasurer for the DTCC LGBTA BPN for the last seven or eight years, doing all the budget work and hosting events. At the same time, I'm the CSR Ambassador for DTCC Jersey City and we organize a lot of CSR events such as fundraisers and blood drives. We also bring in speakers to educate audiences in diversity training.

One of the events that we support annually is the Hudson Pride Center, specifically their youth program. This is an initiative very close to me because when I was growing up there was never a safe spot where we can be our authentic selves. I did not attend my own high school prom back then because there was no safe place for us or organizations that would welcome and accept us. Hudson County's youth program creates that safe place for teenagers to be their true selves without worrying if they'll get harassed. For five or six years, we have been supporting their program by organizing fundraisers and hosting annual prom events for their youth who can't go to their own proms because of fear of being bullied or lack of money. It's important for me to create that safe place for the youth in my community who need it.

We also organize office tours for them and they get to see that regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, a steady and successful career in finance is possible. We provide them with a chance to dream big – go to college, have a career – and an opportunity to be who they want to be or be better.

Because of the work that we do, I know I'm securing the future of my community by empowering the youth of today.

How has your experience in CSR helped you advance in your career?

Not only with my CSR ambassador experience but being an active participant in employee activities in general has tremendously advanced my career. I got to know more people in the organization since I'm their go-to person when it comes to setting up events in the Jersey City office. I've learned how to organize events and overall, I'm a better communicator because of it.

Why do you think employees should take the time to volunteer?

Volunteering is very rewarding. I'm very fortunate to have the support of DTCC to make smart use of my time in order to give back. When you give back, the rewards are much better. It gives me a lot of happiness and joy, knowing that I helped somebody and do something that will positively impact our community, now and in the future.

Employees at a food drive

Ripples of Positive Impact

Clare Alcantara is a Capacity Planning Manager for ITP and Automation and has worked for DTCC in Manila for five years. From the beginning, Clare has led her colleagues at DTCC Manila to give back because she believes that a small act can have a big impact.

Clare has had a life-long commitment to volunteerism and has been heavily engaged in high school and college which led to the Manila CSR Ambassador role she has held for the last three years.

During that time, Clare and the local CSR team has expanded the volunteer activity options of Manila employees (blood drives, tree planting, back-to-school programs and child sponsorship activities, etc.); all of which has created a strong sense of community and purpose.

This was best exemplified earlier this year when DTCC Manila employees cleaned and refurbished the school Clare attended when she was a child. Seeing the generosity, kindness and enthusiasm of the Manila employee base to give back to her former school was very rewarding for Clare.

Clare AlcantaraClare Alcantara

Clare was the beneficiary of volunteers and sponsors throughout her academic career and has always felt the responsibility of giving back and has been financially supporting a child for three years through an organization named World Vision.

Very recently, Clare received the great news that the family of the child that she has been supporting is now self-sufficient. She attests that it’s very humbling and fulfilling to know that they are now above the poverty line because of the small contribution she made over the years.

Clare explained that the joy of giving back is a two-way street and has given her so much in return. She believes and is a witness that generosity, kindness and enthusiasm can ripple out and positively impact the people in the community and beyond.


PENCIL is a leader in building collaboration between schools and local businesses. DTCC employees in Jersey City work with students at the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies to explore career paths, build financial literacy and support college readiness.

Year Up

Year Up works to close the opportunity divide by rigorously preparing young adults for successful corporate careers and higher education.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Center for K-12 STEM Education designs and delivers high-quality and innovative teaching and learning programs for students and educators in STEM disciplines. DTCC sponsors the Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS) program. The three-week immersive training for high school women helps them gain exposure to innovative technologies, build confidence and explore careers. Employee fundraising events, such as the annual Cycle for STEM, provide additional support that has impacted hundreds of students since 2016.

Nightingale House Hospice

Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham, Wales, provides free palliative care services to local patients and their families, along with bereavement services for children and young people. Employees in DTCC Wrexham support the hospice through fundraising and volunteering, as well as assisting the hospice’s retail charity shops operation, which is a vital source of income.

Feeding Tampa Bay

DTCC has embarked on a partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay, the largest hunger-relief organization in Tampa. They redirect food that would otherwise be wasted to partner organizations that can safely distribute it to those in need. DTCC has been supporting Feeding Tampa Bay since 2016 through donations and group volunteer efforts to sort donated food. In 2019, DTCC will begin partnering with the organization to support their Fresh Start initiative, a unique workforce development program, to help clients become self-sufficient beyond hunger relief.


Employees in Chennai, India, have nurtured long-term relationships with local organizations Sevalaya and Hand in Hand, which support rural families through education and job training. DTCC has supported both organizations in several ways. We have donated over 2 million rupees (30,000 USD) over the last three years. In addition, employees have hosted school supply drives, improving facilities by repairing buildings and planting trees, among other activities.

Girls Who Code

DTCC sponsors Girls Who Code, an organization which works to close the gender gap in technology. They offer learning events for students to improve their computer skills and confidence, creating opportunities for middle and high school to enter into the computing workforce. To date they have the largest pipeline of future female engineers in the United States.