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The CTM platform for the central matching of cross-border and domestic transactions automates the trade confirmation process across multiple asset classes, such as equities, fixed income and repurchase agreements (repos).

  • About

    The CTM solution provides seamless connectivity from trade execution to settlement, including direct connectivity via FIX from front office to middle office trade processing as well as via the SWIFT network to a full community of custodian banks for the purposes of settlement notification. And, when used in conjunction with ALERT, you can automatically enrich trades with account and standing settlement instructions (SSI), ensuring all account information is accurate.

  • Benefits

    • The CTM solution is industry owned and governed
    • High transparency and consistency for your post-trade processes
    • Connecting to the CTM platform means connecting to almost 2000 counterparties in 52 countries
    • Support of multiple asset classes on one platform, such as Equities, Fixed Income and Repurchase Agreements (Repos)
    • Incorporation of industry best practices, such as SMPG, AFME, ISITC and user community best practices
    • Improved regulatory compliance and risk management
    • Direct links to depositories in Korea (KSD) and in the US (DTC)
    • Implementation options allow flexibility in the method of system access. Choose from Direct XML, Message Translation Interface (MTI/ MTIR), FIX or User Interface (CTM UI).

  • Who Can use the service

    The CTM service helps buy side firms – including investment managers, hedge funds, private banks or outsourcers – and broker/dealers to efficiently match and confirm trade details, to increase transparency and to mitigate risk. It also allows trading parties to send settlement notifications or copies for information to custodians and other third parties to achieve straight-through processing.

  • How it Works

    With the CTM workflow matching happens on both blocks and allocations/contracts. A block level workflow allows investment managers and broker/dealers to tie trades back upstream providing better parity between front and back office systems. Investment managers can submit a block and then submit allocations against the block. Broker/dealers submit a block and corresponding contracts. For matched trades the CTM platform will send status updates to both counterparties. If no match is found for a trade, an exception occurs. Each counterparty is then automatically updated on a change in the trade status and given the possibility to amend the trade. This allows to catch trade exceptions prior to settlement, saving valuable time and helping to reduce costs.

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    DTCC support experts are available for your help. Contact us if you have questions regarding the CTM platform for the central matching.


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