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DTCC Partner Program


A Collaborative Approach to Partnership

The DTCC Partner Program has created an unparalleled ecosystem of interconnected clients and services by harnessing and mutualizing the resources of our global network. The network consists of leading post-trade technology providers and Financial Market Infrastructures with a client first focus.

Our very deliberate approach means that, in conjunction with our Chief Client and Corporate Strategy Offices, we constantly evaluate market trends and developments as we seek to identify the most relevant, appropriate and mutually beneficial partnership opportunities to deliver value to the industry.

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Connectivity Partners are adjacent organizations in the Fintech and Financial Services sectors with whom DTCC shares mutual clients and goals. Partnerships across these organizations advance the client experience by streamlining workflow, simplifying access and accelerating their digital journeys.


Infrastructure Partners are typically other Financial Market Infrastructures that, like DTCC, play a critical role within the post-trade space. Objectives include improved efficiency and risk mitigation through the elimination of redundant steps in the post-trade workflow, and a drive towards Clearing.


Technology Partners allow DTCC to harness, nurture and deploy the power and capability of transformative third party technology providers, paving the way to develop and offer new solutions and capabilities that might not otherwise have been possible on legacy systems.

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How Does the DTCC Partner Program Deliver Value?

The DTCC Partner Program plays a critical role in connecting clients and industry participants across the post-trade ecosystem through integrated workflows that deliver value to our partners and efficiencies to our mutual clients.


Enhanced Client Experience

By cultivating an expanded and enhanced network of strategic partners, we can deliver an exceptional client experience. This collaborative ecosystem allows us to tap into specialized expertise and resources beyond our core capabilities, providing clients with a broader spectrum of solutions and services.


Superior Products for Clients

Close industry collaboration is the cornerstone of delivering superior products for our clients. By forging strong partnerships and alliances within the financial industry, we gain access to invaluable insights, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices.


Increased Value to the Industry

Partnerships have significantly increased value in the financial industry by fostering innovation, expanding service offerings, and enhancing efficiency. Our approach supports transformative growth to both partners and clients.

Meet the Team

Our team of experts work proactively with partners globally to ensure that DTCC’s post-trade solutions meet the local needs of our clients, wherever they are in the world.

John Straley Executive Director,
Global Head of Partners
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Simon Powell Director of Partnerships
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Alexei Maras Director of Partnerships
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Lee Parker Director of Partnerships
North America
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